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Casey Kasem (Actor)
(04-27-1932 - 06-15-2014) Age 82
Casey Kasem was the voice of the American Top 40 radio music program. He was also the original voice of Shaggy from the Sat Morning cartoon Scooby Doo.

Date Episode Title Plot
1974-10-14 0160 Scaffold for Two (A) After his plane crashes in a secluded island, a lawyer learns that the locals employ their own judicial code. He is forced...
1975-09-12 0343 Ghost Plane (The) A pair of strangers awaken aboard a strange plane with absolutely no recollection of who they are, and what they are doing...
1975-09-23 0349 Headless Hessian (The) On the eve of their battle at Trenton, George Washington's troops are spooked and later assisted by a decapitated ghost.

3 Responses to Casey Kasem

+RIP Mr. Kasem. The voice of my growing up years. Thanks for the memories.

I grew up listening to Casey Kasem on American Top 40, which made its mark during the 1970s -- the second "golden age of radio." He was, as TIME magazine reported today, "America's voice." R.I.P.

Kasem's acting in all three episodes is excellent. I will admit that when I imagine Kasem's character, Conrad, in "A Scaffold for Two," I imagine Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

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