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The School Mistress


In pre-revolutionary Moscow, a beautiful Russian teacher sets the town ablaze with her torrid love affair.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 4, 1982
  • (No Repeat) - January 1, 1970





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1 Responses to Episode 1390

This episode was very typical of CBS Mystery Theater and all radio dramas that attempted to recreate literary masterpieces. No matter how great the writing or acting was, it was difficult to catch the excellence of the written work in a one hour radio show. Such is the case with "The School Mistress." The episode was based upon 19th century Russian writer Chekov's work. In its day it was controversial as the school teacher's morals were scrupulous. Never-the-less, Chekov's work is a literary masterpiece. Mystery Theater's version--not a masterpiece. It missed out on the details of the love affair and left me at story's end asking, "You mean that's it?" I co have to commend Mystery Theater for attempting to recreate such a fantastic work through radio drama. 3 stars.

Davy Joe

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