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The Visions of Sir Philip Sidney


A Zulu War veteran in 19th century London begins to think he is suffering from delusions when he starts seeing people on a train that no one else seems to notice.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 14, 1982
  • Repeat - July 21, 1982





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2 Responses to Episode 1315

This is JMHO, but some of the 1982 shows seemed somewhat downbeat on the RMT. I always thought the cast seemed to know this season was their last, though there were still some good ones. This particular one, based on a short story, was surprising. Sir Philip Sydney is a wealthy Briton who frequently rode the trains there on business. He was a veteran of the Zulu wars in South Africa (anyone remember that Micheal Caine flick about that: "Zuluuuuuuu!!!!!") and saw some horrible things, though he may not have been completely forthright about his military service there. On three separate occasions, he's quite shaken by meeting, a: a gentleman who smokes (who reminds him of one of his former compatriots in the war), b: a beautiful, mysterious, hooded lady (who reminds Sir Phillip of his wife, whom he met during the war while she was with the Red Cross and who he's having some marital problems with), and c: another man (who reminds him of his good friend, also a Scotland Yard inspector). Sir Phillip is terrified because each of them (who no one else on the train or at the train stations can recall seeing) leaves a bloody footprint behind when they walk away from him. He is afraid he's going insane. Here's the surprising part: how many of you would predict, when you learned that he's having a sort of premonition about these people, and that the premonition means that he'll be shooting all THREE of them, that this would have a happy ending? Amazingly, this one does.

Mike Masters

3 stars--difficult episode to really get into. However, a very happy ending.


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