Lois Smith (Actor)

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(09-03-1930 - ) Age 94

Lois Smith was cast as the original Lisa Miller on As the World Turns but was unable to appear due to pregnancy.


She appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
02/03/1974 0029 The Sign of the Beast An arrogant archaeologist disregards tribal customs and extends praise. But her motives are less than honourable and involves robbing old tribal artifacts. But what she forgets to count in is divine retribution.
02/18/1974 0041 Blizzard of Terror A bitter couple gets caught up in a deadly storm and seek shelter in a remote cabin. But there is someone already there. And that someone might just be a homicidal maniac.
01/10/1975 0201 The Masque of the Red Death This is a modern day adaptation of Poe's classic. Here, an environmental disaster occur which results in a massive plague. An old man isolates himself and his family in his manor to wait out the epidemic.

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She was the long time companion of late actor David Margulies, my wife's cousin. I saw her last week at a party in his memory. She is a great actress and a great human being. Also, I heard "Blizzard of Terror" on Sirius XM "Classic Radio"

alan saks

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