Vinette Carroll (Actor)

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(03-11-1922 - 11-05-2002) Age 80

Vinette Carroll spent much of her childhood in the West Indies. She was the first black woman to direct a play on Broadway (Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope, 1972).


She appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/30/1974 0025 Mother Love An unusual favor and $6000 are all a fortune teller needs to grant the wish of a desperate woman to conceive
02/17/1974 0040 The Walking Corpse An unfortunate American couple is caught up in a coup by a Banana Republic despot who intends to take over the little island with a horde of zombies.

3 Responses to Carroll Vinette

She shoulda stuck with directing. Her voice is flat & monotonous. Glad she appeared in only a couple of episodes.


She was the mother in Up The Down Staircase. I loved her in that role.


It's interesting to me how a few in a group of people can hear something one way and others hear it differently. Comments about Mother's flat delivery make me think of quite a few actors from early Hollywood and even some today who are readily recognizable and have made quite a fabulous career from their distinctive "flat delivery". Sometimes it's a tool purposefully used to establish a character. But to each his own. I personally enjoyed this episode very much. And appreciate the extra information on Vinette Carroll. Very accomplished lady!

Laura A.

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