Bryce Bond (Actor)

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(12-21-1928 - ) Age 90

Bryce Bond was born in Plainfield NJ.






He appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
02/28/1978 0790 A Message from Space A journalist is hell bent on rubbishing the existence of UFOs. But there are a few surprises coming his way.
05/23/1978 0838 Window to Oblivion Thirty long years after the disappearance of a WWII aircraft pilot in a regular flight over the Bermuda Triangle, spirit mediums attempt to communicate with him to put him in touch with his wife.
10/16/1978 0906 The Winds of Time A woman visits paranormal expert Bryce Bond to relieve her of the incessant and debilitating migraines she experiences. In order to cure her, she must travel through time and secure closure for things left unresolved in her past lives.

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I think I found another Bryce Bond episode, 755, the Ghost with a Knife. Not sure if he has a role but story is based on his account.


Good catch. I had a sense that there was another where someone else played Bond, in this case Arnold Moss. Thanks Cathy.


"Are you...THERE? Are you...THERE?"


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