Percy Granger (Actor)

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(08-08-1945 - 03-10-1997) Age 52

Percy Granger had a brief acting career in the 70's. He later wrote for As the World Turns.

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He appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
08/31/1977 0702 The Reunion An American war veteran meets a fellow soldier in Paris, a decade after the D-day at Utah Beach during World War II. He discovers that his friend leads a Jekyll and Hide life.
01/26/1979 0950 The Dominant Personality After their wedding, a city waitress moves to the wilderness to live with her loner husband. A series of murders take place on the nearby property and all clues point to her man.

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What a fantastic writing talent. He wrote a great many of the rmt episodes.


A genius and a gifted writer. Survived a cardiac arrest in his 40’s but not a second one at 51. Sad.


He wrote a very touching script for "Mutual Radio Theatre" too: "Hotel Terminal".


Percy Granger had a brief acting career in the 70's in the film, The Silence, starring Richard Thomas. He was well known for writing numerous one act plays and a couple of teleplays but his real success was writing for daytime soap operas including As the World Turns and 279 episodes of Loving.


The actor of these episodes may have been Percy Granger, but the picture you're displaying is that of Percy Helton.

Rick Schiaffo

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