Percy Granger (Actor)

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(08-08-1945 - 03-10-1997) Age 52

Percy Granger had a brief acting career in the 70's. He later wrote for As the World Turns.




He appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
08/31/1977 0702 The Reunion An American war veteran meets a fellow soldier in Paris, a decade after the D-day at Utah Beach during World War II. He discovers that his friend leads a Jekyll and Hide life.
01/26/1979 0950 The Dominant Personality After their wedding, a city waitress moves to the wilderness to live with her loner husband. A series of murders take place on the nearby property and all clues point to her man.

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What a fantastic writing talent. He wrote a great many of the rmt episodes.


The photo is of the Australian composer, Percy Grainger -- not the RMT writer/actor, Percy Granger


Please remove this photo of Percy Grainger, composer and pianist (1882-1961)


A genius and a gifted writer. Survived a cardiac arrest in his 40’s but not a second one at 51. Sad.


He wrote a very touching script for "Mutual Radio Theatre" too: "Hotel Terminal".


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