Michael Zaslow (Actor)

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(11-01-1942 - 12-06-1998) Age 56

Michael Zaslow is best known as the villain Roger Thorpe on TV's Guiding Light. Some fans will remember he is the first victim that Dr McCoy would say "He's dead, Jim" on Star Trek.


He appeared in the following episode of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
02/17/1975 0224 The Death Wish A young man asks his friend's son over to visit with him and his family. But the boy turns out to possess wicked powers.

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Michael Zaslow--played Roger Thorpe for years on Guiding Light! Awesome actor.


I remember when Michael Zaslow passed away. What a loss! What an awesome actor he was!


I loved Zaslow appearance on Star Trek!


Roger Thorpe was my mom's favorite villain on The Guiding Light.

Greg Brock

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