Charles Aidman (Actor)

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(01-21-1925 - 11-07-1993) Age 68
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He appeared in the following episode of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
10/09/1974 0158 Trapped A sick lady suspects her husband and caregiver are plotting to kill her. With the help of her previous nurse, she struggles to survive.

4 Responses to Aidman Charles

He played a marvelous and creepy villain in the original Mission: Impossible TV series. The evil just drips off him in the one episode he was in. But generally I remember him in other shows to play more sympathetic characters.


I loved him as the scientist turned werewolf in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea!


His voice is strangely familiar as the Twilight Zone announcer.


Yes, he was the off-screen announcer/narrator on for the 1980s revival of the Twilight Zone. He also played the theoretical physicist who lived next door in one of my favorite original Twilight Zone episodes, "Little Girl Lost" and played Jeremy Pike in several episodes of The Wild, Wild, West, filling in for an ailing Ross Martin as Jim West's sidekick.


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