Delores Sutton (Actor)

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(02-04-1927 - 05-11-2009) Age 82

Dolores Sutton sold her first radio script to NBC in 1949 and landed a role in the same program. In her first TV appearance Jack Benny asked her age to which she replied "39 just like you."


She appeared in the following episode of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
04/17/1974 0076 The Horror Within A young man turns religious after the death of his beloved and seeks the power to forestall pain and suffering in the future. As time heals his grief, his desire to wield his powers grow aided by a swaying faith.

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i've discovered her in "the horror within" (my favourite episode, till now) and i've just fell in love with her warm, calming, sensual, absolutely gracious voice. beautiful.


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