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Alfred Bester (Writer)
(12-18-1913 - 09-30-1987) Age 74

Early in Alfred Bester's career he won a Sci Fi short story competition that his friend Robert Heinlein declined to enter. Heinlein instead sold his story to another magazine for $70, where as the prize was only $50.

Date Episode Title Plot
1976-04-06 0463 Boy Wonder (The) On a quest to find a missing child named Buchanan, his team slowly disappears one after another. It's no coincidence that...
1976-04-29 0478 Two Plus Two Equals Death A young architect is pulled into the maddening rush of the
1976-05-20 0484 Walking Dead (The) In the future, all androids are mindless robots with one exception-- Rex, who is the most advanced of his kind. Society is...
1976-07-19 0499 Future Eye An investigator is sent back in time with a critical mission-- to secure a microchip which has a complete account of the...
1976-09-28 0526 One Girl in a Million A celebrity business consultant of the future, who makes his living helping corporations make huge decisions, searches the...
1976-11-30 0557 Now You See Them, Now You Don't The President wants to know the details of time travelers:  During World War 5, soldiers experiencing combat fatigue...
1977-01-06 0578 Man from Ultra (The) Solo Nakeela, an interstellar traveller who cannot know love, accidentally ruins the mind of the great Jeffrey Hale, a...

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Wow, had no idea he wrote for the show. Terrific pulp sci-fi writer.

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