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The Wheel of Life


An ex-soldier runs into a former colleague he believed dead in Vietnam. Now the friend is an influential leader of an upcoming political movement and asks him to participate. He finds out that his friend's stupendous ascent was fated by the cosmos.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 13, 1978
  • Repeat - August 12, 1978





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5 Responses to Episode 0797

Anyone out there who read the original "X-men" comics, before they came to the big screen? Remember "The juggernaut", the big bad guy who was "Professor Charles Xavier's" half brother. The juggernaut was a bully, not a mutant, but while in combat in Viet Nam he stumbled into a secret temple and found a jewel that turned him into that big creature he became? There's sort of a similar plot here. Two friends are in combat (Viet Nam?) and one, right in the middle of a jungle battle, stumbles into some secret underground chamber where a group of weird monks are all playing with abacuses (abaci? :? ) and there's a big wheel turning. One of the monks tells him (telepathically?) that he's in the presence of the "wheel of life" that we all live on, and that those monks are essentially controlling all things that go on in the world. The "head monk" asks the soldier what he wishes and the soldier tells him...the leader says "How better it would have been if you would have asked to get off of the wheel" but sends him off to his destiny...

M. Trocolli

I really like the scenes with the monk talking about how it doesn't ultimately matter what happens in our lives if we are still on the wheel of illusion. that is some of my favorite RMT material. The story around it was a bit weak, though.


One of the most creative in the series. In my opinion, Lloyd Batista is either on or this episode he was great.

Thomas c.

Lloyd Battista is not on of off, in my opinion. He fills in a lot, as all of the actors did, but he has great range and when he's given the chance to shine, he takes it and runs away with it. He's on the money is this episode, and, as heard in other episodes, has unusually good chemistry with Russell Horton. I wish they had been in more episodes together. The concept works better here than the actual story, but they make it work.


Dames for you! Spoiler Alert coming. Everything would be fine and dandy. Two soldier buddies from Vietnam who they though each had died, run into each other, and the buddy who almost died reveals how gurus promised him he will become President of the U.S. someday and it will come true if you truly desire it, and so on metaphysical power of the mind beliefs. Alright that's great, but along comes the other guy's girlfriend. "Joe, I don't trust him."What evidence she has I didn't catch. "She doesn't care how good army buddies you were fighting side by side in the war! You were only young boys. What does he do now? For a living? Is he married? (He told Joe he's is going to become President) You don't know anything about him. I as a woman believe he is a con artist. Don't trust him! Stay away Joe." Well Joe is hard to dissuade, but eventually believes his girlfriend, goes to the gurus to stop his friend from becoming President, therefore causing the death of his army buddy. The end. Moral of the story, sometimes your girlfriend doesn't know everything.


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