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The Wintering Place


An aged widower forces himself sexually onto a female scientist and later murders her. Now he is haunted by her ghost who also calls upon the ghost of his wife to make him confess his actions.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 27, 1977
  • Repeat - February 18, 1978





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3 Responses to Episode 0716

This is a pretty thrilling episode about a lonely, old man that is haunted by both the woman that he killed and his dead wife.

Bert Jones

This old man hasn't been the same since his wife died and has been mean to his housekeeper and the mailman (important plot point). He is haunted by the woman that he killed who claims she is one with his dead wife to get him to confess.

Bert Jones

Yikes, first episode that I've heard about outright rape. A good Macabre tale that has that psychological/ supernatural element that mystery theater does so well. It does not go into his marriage and dead wife very much, but I think there is a subtle implication made by Robin that he was brutal to his wife too. Does anyone else pick up on that?


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