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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Long, Long Sleep
('H. G. Wells classic')
When his doctor informs him that he needs open heart surgery to prolong his life, a man becomes despondent. Soon after, he experiences a strange situation in which he believes is is already dead. This convinces him that death is just around the corner.
Air Dates:
First Run - January 15, 1979
Repeat - July 13, 1979
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6 Responses to Episode 0945

Yeah, kinda really different perspective here. Good show, especially when you think the lead character is going to die, then he is yanked back into reality.

I thought this show was very good and had a lot of interesting qualities!

This one makes some of the best use of the RMT music "library" ever! It's fun watching DVDs of "The Twilight Zone" (which I've been purchasing from time to time) and hear music which I recognize from RMT. Yeah, the music used during the "return to reality" and also to great effect in "The Vampire Plant" is downright creepy. (Try listening to it in complete darkness!) One of the strongest aspects of RMT is its' musical scores-- which add an incredible amount of intensity to the stories. Larry Haines is First-Rate in this. His voice just exudes angst, pain and nervousness. He instantly creates a deeply sympathetic character in whatever script he tackles. This episode just draws you in, from one twist to another. It introduces one odd circumstance after another, and then, quite cleverly explains it in a completely plausible manner. Really enjoyed this one!

The lead actor was the best part of the episode. His voice is one of the richest used by RMT. I was surprised by the ending.

I liked this one, and the way it alternated between being ominous and tender. In the key sequence in surgery there was a chilling sound effect that wasn't used that frequently in the RMT...it was music (flutes? plus some type of percussive instrument or electronic keyboard) that was an SFX rather than a melody. 

Engrossing story with top notch acting. Everyone should get into this story. The fear if death is in all of us. How will we react when it comes time to face it. 5 stars!

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