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CBSRMT Episode Information
Devil's Gold
A sailor is rewarded with a gold coin from Devil's Boutique after he catches a thief. But he can't seem to get the coin off his hand despite repeated attempts.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 4, 1978
Repeat - March 8, 1979
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3 Responses to Episode 0888

Was this the best...RMT...ever? No. But I really enjoyed the episode. Nicely done, RMT! - My favorite part is E.G.'s post-third-act monologue...nice RMT music bed beneath it, as almost always. (Usually, when you have an RMT plot twist, primarily a supernatural one, it's known to only a select few characters in the play. This time, from the monologue one thinks the whole WORLD learned of it within a day. Nice.) - I also like that, on E.G.'s final post-play monologue a sound effect makes an appearance, which I can't remember happening before.

Interesting...this is another episode where "The devil's boutique" is featured, again (as I recall) in a port of Libya. I've just started listening but this episode also features a pairing of Russel Horton and Lloyd Battista, who both were "buddies" in wartime RMT episodes, the other in "The wheel of life" where (as I recall) one or both were in Viet Nam and encountered some weird monks who ran everything from a "wheel" of the same name.

is this a prequel or a sequel to "the devil's boutique"?

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