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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Breaking Point
A thought projection experiment takes a deadly turn as a scientist takes an extreme step and subjects his wife's subconscious to the process to persuade her to kill him!
Air Dates:
First Run - May 8, 1974
Repeat - July 26, 1974
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13 Responses to Episode 0088

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. Once again, hypnosis, as portrayed in popular fiction, doesn't exist. Science fiction.

While I found the episode to be enjoyable and one of those did he didn't he stories the monkey has to be one of THE worst sound effects in this shows history. It sounds like someone rubbing an inflated balloon.

A scientist dabbles with ESP and tries a dangerous experiment using his wife as a subject. He attempts to pass a mental message for her to take a loaded gun and shoot him.

A scientist discovers how to project his thoughts. He targets his wife's subconscious to influence her to murder -- him!

(This could also be called: - "The doofy professor" - "Dr. Death wish" or - "Oh, what we could have made Saddam do to himself had we this capability (assuming he's still alive)" ) A man has been shot in the chest and is hanging on for dear life as the doctors and nurses try to save him...he tells us how he got there. He's a retired psychology professor and his pretty young wife, and they were conducting a special kind of research at their Palo Alto home. The prof knows a wee bit more about what he's trying to do than his better half. They're also expecting some company...another (Stanford?) professor, who arrives as a guest bringing one of his capuchin monkeys he used for research named "Chi Chi". (The simian plays a crucial role in the action part of the story.) Chi Chi wears a skull cap to cover his exposed brain. The visiting professor learns a startling secret...the older gentlemen is working to control his wife telepathically. He thinks a command, and she comes out to do it, in a sort of trance. He rings a small gong to bring her out of it at the end of each "experiment". He's trying to do this, he tells the visitor, because he thinks we can subvert evil leaders if we can develop the ability to control their minds. He's going to learn today if he can REALLY do it...the visiting professor is astounded to learn that his retired friend is going to telepathically tell his wife to get a gun out of a dresser in their house, walk in and shoot him...

A professor experimenting in the paranormal seeks to achieve mind control over his subject to demonstrate the potential of such ability. His subject is his wife who is participating in the experiments while apparently carrying on an affair with one of the professors’ associates. The associate brings along a research monkey for the professor to use for a while. (More about the monkey later, as E. G. would say). The professor wants to test the extent of this power by getting his wife to do something she wouldn’t normally do in a conscious state.

is funny.....mind over chatter. thats a riot! anyways....interesting show.

The scientist who tells this story reminds me of a character in the black and white version of "The Thing". I am referring to the scientist in the film who wishes to preserve and study the alien monster. Their voices and demeanor are similar. I loved the ending to this episode. A good example of a show that could only be done in a radio format. I tend to think that the wife acted under the influence of her husband's experiments and was not "all there". A quirky, fun show.

This episode is greatness...or just this side of it. - DeKoven gives an excellent performance as a professor who (like many of his contemporaries at American universities today, I fear) is very brilliant but not very wise. He thinks his idea of mind-control-as-a-means-to-peace is great because HE thought of it, and let's not get started about his cockamamie "If I can get my wife to point a loaded gun at my chest with her finger on the trigger and the safety off - SUCCESS!" method of testing it. Note how "Chi Chi", the capuchin monkey, sounds like someone rubbing a rubber balloon. - Note how everybody in the drama loses.

You must listen to this episode just to hear the sound effects of the capuchin monkey/murderer. Oops, spoiler alert. Or is it? 4 stars.

Not the best episode ever. The monkey sounded like balloons rubbing. Kind of a stupid test for the professor to try - he could've put blanks in the gun and not told his wife as well. At the end he has the monkey shoot at the mirror and I have no idea why that was, nor why it seems to be easier for him to communicate with the monkey when he can see it's brain. Again, not the best episode.

I love listening to the old radio commercials!

"CHI, CHI. . . PUT DOWN THE GUN!" Moral of the story: Never let a monkey have a loaded gun.

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