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CBSRMT Episode Information
Arctic Encounter
A peculiar energy drain in an Arctic region forces two American and Russian fighter planes and their crew to crash consequently. The survivors are left to encounter a new, strange world.
Air Dates:
First Run - May 26, 1978
Repeat - November 12, 1978
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6 Responses to Episode 0840

An American military plane and a Russian plane both mysteriously lose power over the arctic and crash land. They soon discover that they are at the mercy of a strange alien presence that seeks to assimilate the energy of any lifeforms that come near it. This is a weird and intriguing story with good characters. It builds slowly towards a satisfying ending. Genre: Sci-fi

A Russian plane and an American plane crash over the arctic Circle. The crews encounter an alien world.

Two American pilots on an Arctic patrol sight a downed Soviet plane; suddenly their own aircraft mysteriously loses power and they too are forced down onto the ice. Just what—or who—is responsible for this 'Bermuda Triangle of the North'?

Thank you! I listend every night in '73, '74, '75 and am enjoying them again now,just as much as I did then. Thank you very much!

Sired.... Was meant to be "aired" ooopppss

I was too young to listen to the CBSRMT when it first sired aired, but im glad I found it now. Don't have a t.v in my room to help drift me to sleep, listening to this is even better, have to use your imagination and play the stories in your mind. So wish someone would remake or modernize them now. Still a great listen!

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