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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Ice Palace
A routine ice-breaking mission turns to be of vital importance when the sailors discover that the polar ice caps are melting. The pilot sent to discover more disappears, prompting the dispatch of another team to find him and more information.
Air Dates:
First Run - January 31, 1978
Repeat - June 27, 1978
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6 Responses to Episode 0774

Pure science fiction here; the script reminds me of something from Dimension X or X-1 in the 50's. A madman wants to melt all the world's ice and create a catastrophic flood. The howling wind sound effects make it easy to visualize the barren, wintry landscape. Suspend belief and enjoy this one; I thought it was a very good episode.

This one starts out quite interesting. Tony Roberts plays a Canadian naval officer on an ice breaker clearing a channel near the arctic. When the men on his ship finish their duty and head for home, they're astounded to see that the ice has completely melted in an area that's normally frozen over. Other airborne observations confirm that other parts of the area are experiencing similar warming. Returning to his base to discuss the matters with a superior officer, the men are interrupted by an eskimo leader who, along with his fellow villagers, aren't happy. They're standing by a pile of seals who normally might be food if they'd been hunted, but who have died mysteriously..they're convinced the military had something to do with this. In the meantime, one of the naval officers, a pilot, is trying to locate a certain ice floe and succeeds in finally doing so, but sees something else apparently quite extraordinary...they lose radio contact with him immediately thereafter. Convinced he's gone, the officers later get autopsy results on one of the seals. The officers suspect radiation poisoning or burns, but the autopsy indicates the seals died of exposure to intense heat. Based on that and the other information they've learned, Roberts' character and his superior believe they are faced with an ultrafast and deadly melting of the polar ice cap, and that some type of incredible, unknown force is involved...

When huge portions of the Arctic ice cap simply disappear without a trace overnight, Canadian authorities fear cataclysmic worldwide flooding is imminent. No natural catastrophe could account for the meltings, so there must be a human effort behind the nightmare.

This episode was somewhat original--it focused on an ice cutter slicing its way through the polar ice caps. It met its doom by running into an evil force hellbent on melting the polar ice caps consequently flooding the world. Biblical, Asian and other historical accounts are highlighted in this episode. A good listen. 4 stars.

Yikes. An intriguing premise, but I couldn't stand this one. Despite the Bond-esque villain and the northern setting, the accents and cultural references are so off that it can't even qualify for cheesy fun.

Its one of my all time favorite.

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