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CBSRMT Episode Information
Strange Company
A wealthy aged woman is terrorized by invisible visitors. Her hard-hearted nephew and his wife can't care less and slowly decide to take advantage of her apparent hallucinations to steal from her.
Air Dates:
First Run - April 11, 1974
Repeat - July 2, 1974
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14 Responses to Episode 0073

Very intriguing beginning and worthy of a listen. Excellent "acting" and well written. I owuld only give it 8 out of 10 because the ending was unsettleing. Maybe that was the point!

The ending was meant to be unsettling. Most of the story features subtle occurrences. The ending is reminiscent of the gruesome , twist endings of Inner Sanctum, Lights Out, The Mysterious Traveler and EC Comics' Tales From The Crypt.

"Imagination... the stuff in which dreams and Radio Mystery Theater plays are made..." what a great quote! I love this episode; it made me laugh that the old lady that sounded like she was 100 years old admitted to being 60 years old! There are some great beer commercials too -- convinced me to not put ice in my "King of Beers" Budweiser!! Ha ha!

This is classic Mystery Theater! One of the best in my opinion. The ending gave me chills! I enjoy sharing this one with friends.

And the moral of the story is: don't keep money lying around the house. Crime thriller with slight supernatural undertones.

Now that was a fun ride!

I see this episode got a lot of comments and for good reason! The idea of a quiet smiling man staring at you is very creepy... Who is he? Possiblyhe is the rightful owner of the money? Did Aunt Belle steal it from him and he is the curse that accompanies it?

The closet gateway is also provocative. A world of invisible spirits...

A man moves his two aunts to a location outside of the city. One aunt passes away and soon, he learns that his surviving aunt is secretely hiding a good deal of cash. She is fearful and requests his help to rid her home of some uninvited guests. When money starts disappearing, she becomes suspicious.

The unscrupulous young taking advantage of the vulnerable old. Terrific acting and plot.

An old woman with a large stash of money is tormented by visitors who no one else can see. Her nephew and his wife are unsympathetic and use the occurences to slowly rob her. Well developed story and strong characters.

An old aunt continues to call on her caring nephew to chase away people that keep appearing in her house. When he arrives, there's no one there. The aunt says they're after her money and shows him a suitcase full of thousands of dollars in cash. The nephew and his wife plot to take the money... but what about these mysterious people? I rather enjoyed this episode even with the rather predictable ending.

FANTASTIC EPISODE! 5 stars. I was amazed at how true to life this episode was. Charles was such a dutiful nephew to his aging, wealthy aunt. The more he realized her great worth, the more scrupulous his actions became. This episode played out slow at the beginning, but sewed up all loose ends by the end. Great job of writing and acting.

Interesting plot device with the characters that show up after one aunt dies. They seem to follow the owners of the money, but does that imply that the one aunt may have done away with the other?

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