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CBSRMT Episode Information
Olive Darling and Morton Dear
A stress-relieving journey into nature might prove fatal for a diffident accountant who ends up sharing a room with a self-proclaimed writer who can be a deadly robber in reality.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 2, 1977
Repeat - January 18, 1978
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3 Responses to Episode 0703

great episode. Fred Gwynne is brilliant as usual,making me laugh with his stammering,fearful voice,which he sometimes used portraying Herman Munster.Also has a nice twist at the end.A cut above most episodes.

This is a very well written episode, sort of a game of cat and mouse, that would be a good first episode to introduce someone to CBSRMT!

Agreed! I think this is my favorite comedy episode of them all. Small cast and a simple plot line . . . seemingly! Just good fun throughout. Five stars, or four "A"s, or however you want to rate it . . .

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