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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Meteorite
When a meteorite crashes into a farm field, it is immediately claimed by a local college professor. However, upon closer examination it becomes apparent that there is more to the meteor than what it seems. The professor soon learns that the rock is actually an alien spacecraft, complete with alien pilot inside it!
Air Dates:
First Run - April 11, 1977
Repeat - August 25, 1977
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2 Responses to Episode 0632

Interesting to compare this show with Lights Outs' 'Meteor Man'—one wonders if the writer of this RMT episode was directly inspired by the other. In any case, the two shows illustrate the contrast of the prevailing attitude toward aliens between the paranoia of the 50's and the self-recrimination of the 70's. The former is all menace and evil, as loathsome in appearance as it is in character. Two decades later the alien is no implacable, unstoppable 'thing', but an all too vulnerable, almost unwilling enemy, driven to seek our destruction not because of its rapacious nature, but because of ours. John Wyndham's 'Meteor' (Vanishing Point, 1985) completes the circle—now it is the poor defenseless aliens who are menaced by the monsters of Earth. What does it all mean? Not much, really; it's just interesting to note the progression.

A strange meteor crashes into a farmer's barn—out of which emerges a wounded alien. The farmer and his wife take the alien in and care for him, in defiance of the authorities and in spite of the alien's threat to destroy the Earth. See also 'Meteor Man' (Lights Out) and 'Meteor' (Miscellaneous Shows)

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