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CBSRMT Episode Information
How to Kill Rudy
A man discovers that his favorite detective novels predict true crimes. Then he finds a book about his future. The novel tells of how his boss and his wife plan to kill him so they can marry. He takes steps to pre-empt them.
Air Dates:
First Run - December 2, 1976
Repeat - March 13, 1977
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6 Responses to Episode 0558

A man is sure that a detective novel tells of how his boss and wife plan to kill him so they can marry. He takes steps to pre-empt them.

This is a very interesting episode! "How to Kill Rudy" is a psychological mystery by Sam Dann. I have been listening to episodes by author lately and Sam Dann wrote some very good episodes. His daughter Victoria Dann also wrote some good episodes, too. Another good episode I've listened to recently is Big Momma.

I really liked this episode. A must listen. I listened to this episode on your recommendation Melanie. This episode kept me guessing how it would end to the very end. One of my favorites is Black Widow episode 265.

A terrific episode which had me off balance throughout. After the show ended, I wanted to listen to it again. A tight, lean story that had me interested every minute. I want to know more about Mace Hacker!

Very clever! Didn't guess the ending. Loved it! D. Gower

"Mace Hacker" is also the name of the tv detective in the episode 'shadow of a killer' by Sam the man Dann!

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