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CBSRMT Episode Information
A Sacrifice in Blood
An archaeologist might come to regret their decision when they adopt a boy found in an ancient, infamous Aztec place of worship.
Air Dates:
First Run - March 12, 1974
Repeat - June 5, 1974
Repeat - February 15, 1980
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9 Responses to Episode 0055

Well, a couple of things. True devil worship is essentially a myth. Celebrities sometimes say they do in order to get media attention, there is no serious devil worship in the United States. And, in 1974, while "parapsychologists" certainly hoped otherwise, ESP was indeed considered supernatural (and fictional) by pretty much everyone else. Still, this is an Omen-esque plot, two years before "The Omen." But Michael (as opposed to Damien) never ended up being elected President. Supernatural thriller, demon spawn.

Well-acted and suspenseful with the exception of the character of Michael, who was played so straight that it was hard to believe he was capable of hideous actions. Needed to be more menacing, or at least more unctuous.

An archeologist discovers relics that prove his theories and bring him noteriety. At the site, he and his wife find a baby on a sacrificial altar. They bring the boy home and raise him as their own.

Interesting and as many episodes, fatalistic. One’s assumptions are proven wrong.

Chosen based on recommendation) A cautionary tale about what can happen when you adopt a baby found on a pre-Toltec altar in a sealed temple... Well done and interesting but don't expect it to resolve itself in a way that actually pulls the various threads together.

A pairr of archeologists find a baby boy in an Aztec temple of evil. They decide to raise the boy -- much to their regret. Haunting and riveting. Scardino's teen-age voice creates the illusion of innocence.

A husband and wife archaeologist team carry out one last dig to finish off their illustrious careers; they will excavate a Toltec civilization renound as devil worshipers. At the dig, they discover an abandoned infant in the structure and adopt it as their own. Adoptinga mysteriously appearing baby in a long abandoned temple used for Devil worship is probably a bad idea. Listen and find out.

Investigating an ancient pre-Toltec cult, a couple discover an abandoned child on a sacrificial altar, and decide to raise it as their own. As he grows up, however, he would appear to be no son born of man and woman.

Of course this was a supernatural tale as predicted by the title. I agree that this seemed similar to The Omen. I thought it strange that he was evil, except to his parents, and that he went back to where he was from to be sacrificed - although EG says that he went back in time to do so. The ending was a little confusing to me after EG spoke about it, but still an okay episode.

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