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CBSRMT Episode Information
Killer's Helper
Martin Edward (Marty) Caraway, a young up and coming stock broker is recruited by his boss's wife, Margaret, to kill his boss, John Masters, and take his place by her side and at the head of the firm. But is he falling into the same trap his boss fell into?
Air Dates:
First Run - September 7, 1976
Repeat - November 28, 1976
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6 Responses to Episode 0514

Neat mystery with a good twist.

One of my favorites! Best of MRT.

Marty Carraway is a junior executive working in a Wall Street brokerage firm. Although uneducated in the field, he's a natural and is quickly promoted to the number two position. Prior to his promotion, he was having a fling with the big boss's secretary. Upon promotion, a door opens to a whole new set of problems, and maybe even a murder thrown in there somewhere just for fun.

A rising star in an investment firm is tired of the rat race and, feeling he has satisfied his curiosity about his abilities is ready to toss it all in for a quieter life. When his boss promotes him and promises him millions within a few years and the bosses younger wife promises him even more if he's willing to kill her husband, he has some things to think about. The ending, having made the point, dragged on a little to long.

This story drives home the adage of reaping what one has sown. Interesting and very sad.

Some bad personality traits in this story - men who are overly interested in their work and the women who are attracted to them (but don't like their personality trait).

Still, a fairly good story.

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