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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Red Frisbee
While playing Frisbee with his dog on an Antilles beach, Ben comes across a young girl with an unusual gift. He becomes more entranced by Nikki's strange talent as she narrates her brother's tragic tale. Their bond deepens and he finds himself drawn to her, and the insights she learns from the red Frisbee.
Air Dates:
First Run - January 16, 1976
Repeat - June 11, 1976
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6 Responses to Episode 0417

Another great story from Elspeth Eric. Very touching. Also "Sand Castle", "Help Somebody", & "Answer Me" all have the same feel to them.

A man on holiday by the beach exercises his dog by tossing a red Frisbee for it to catch. A young girl comes across him and the two become friends. The girl is friendly and open and invites him around to meet her mother, a set-up, so to speak. The mother is gracious enough and reveals to him that they have suffered a great loss, her son was drowned when the tide came in and swept him out to sea. His sister tried to save him, but could not. There are some references to some kind of extraordinary ability the girl has but not much is ever made of it.

Love this one! Perhaps my favorite! An interesting and enigmatic little story about a mysterious love on a tropical island with an open ending that makes you want to know more!

We used to listen to Mystery Theater in the back seat of my parents car all the way home from my grandparents farm every weekend. Even though I was exhausted I would stay awake to listen. If we got home before it was over we'd stay in the car in our driveway until it was over. If we didn't I would have nightmares! LOL! Happy memories from childhood.

A pretty good tale from Elspeth Eric. I really couldn't call it a love story myself, but others might do so. It seemed to me to be more of a cathartic tale for the women involved than anything else.

Sorry Elspeth Eric, but the statement in the story that a mother's love for a son is the closest thing to pure love that a woman experiences is pure mallarky. Otherwise a sweet story. Jada Rowland's is one of my favorite CBSRMT voices.

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