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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Storm Breeder
('William Austin story')
After being cursed to wander New England forever in search of their home, a lost soul and his daughter are doomed to bring rain in the wake of their passing. Moved by pity, a young judge works to bring peace to his restless spirit.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 28, 1975
Repeat - March 27, 1976
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5 Responses to Episode 0369

A traditional New England haunting story, but extremely well done. The focus is, rightly, on the spirit rather than his exorciser, and we are treated to a great deal of pathos as a result (even if the story does backtrack over itself once or twice). Very highly recommended.

Set in the early 1800's, a young judge becomes determined to solve the mystery of a man and his young daughter who seem to be endlessly wandering around New England in a horse drawn wagon trying to find Boston and their home. He meets people who have encountered the pair on the road occasion and have strange tales to tell.

A lost soul and his daughter are cursed to forever wander New England in search of home. Always behind him comes rain. A young judge aims to put his soul to rest.

The residents of 19th century New England are haunted by repeated encounters on the road with an uncanny horse-drawn carriage and rider, who are perpetually pursued by black storms and who seem to be eternally lost, incapable of finding their way home. Stars Fred Gwynne.

Adapted from the William Austin story about a man and his daughter who appear to be wandering lost for decades. Behind them, in perpetuity, is a storm they are constantly trying to outrun. A curious judge pursues him in an attempt to discover the truth behind the mystery.

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