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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Summer People
In search of a quiet place to work and improve on their respective crafts over the summer, an artistically gifted couple stumble upon Granville, an all-too perfect town that they have difficulty leaving - even when they want to.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 24, 1975
Repeat - March 21, 1976
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24 Responses to Episode 0367

This is one of my favorite frightening episodes!

I've never forgotten the name Granville! This one always gave me the willies. It's one of the best!

This is my absolute favorite episode of CBS mysteries!! Excellent acting and story!

Great episode. 5 stars all the way.

A young couple finds a vacation at an attractive price. While on this vacation, they realize they are in jeopardy.

Sometimes individual episodes define CBSRMT for people. You see it all the time when people post about an episode they remember just as vividly as the day they first heard it. Or, perhaps they are looking for a memorable program that they heard some 30+ years ago. This is one of those programs - one of the best. A young couple is searching for a summer retreat - a place to relax and work on their projects. She is an artist and he a writer. They spot an ad for a bed and breakfast in a newspaper and contact the proprietor. She has some unusual requirements of her guests and must call on them in the city to meet them before agreeing to host them or give them directions to the town of Granville. She approves of them and the day comes that they drive to the quaint little town. There seem to be no signs on the main road to the town and following the directions they are given leads them to the town only by driving down a path through a field. When they arrive, several other things about the town seem curious and unusual. Thus begins the adventure.

Jane and Mike Slater, a young couple, leave their hectic city lives to take a summer home in a sleepy little town called Granville. The residents of the town are friendly...maybe a little TOO friendly for it soon becomes apparent that they don't intend to let the Slaters leave Granville...ever. A really superb episode that grabs you and keeps you guessing in the tradition of The Twilight Zone. Genre: Suspense

A young, artistic couple search for a small, remote town in which to pursue their crafts during the summer. They find Granville --- a place that is VERY hard to find and even harder to leave.

A couple seeking a remote summer getaway find the ideal little town on the outskirts of nowhere, where the locals apparently never age and their fellow vacationers seem to be disappearing...

a couple respond to an ad for a summer vacation but find it odd that they must be interviewed first. Despite their initial misgivings they decide to spend their holiday in the little town. The people there seem to have found the secret to eternal youth, and the couple’s suitability seems to be connected with that secret.

This was an enjoyable episode. It had a Stephen King feel to it, for me. I was also reminded of a show I saw at the Drive-In as a kid called Motel Hell, where the guests were fattened up and later served up as entre's. The production was presented in such a way that one easily pictures it in the mind's eye. Nice choice for this weeks episode. I suppose over the age of 23, the meat is a little tough and chewy.

Yeah, I've never heard that one before! GREAT EPISODE! Like Charlie says, this would be a good example to play for someone who has never heard the show before. Fantastic.

One of the Best I would echo the above comments about this episode being one of the shows I would play for someone who has never heard the series. It is fun and the "bad" ending helps make it memorable. This show represents RMT at its best; and I never really caught that part about the rutted path.

I love this episode. I agree about the ending. There are a few shows where the ending is unsatisfying in my opinion, but this one is perfect. One of the many great ones!

perhaps the most maddening (but it still perhaps made the program "work" even more) part about this...we never fully got the connection how the guests who disappeared helped the villagers perpetuate their youth, or at least their earthly life. This is also the only RMT episode I recall involving a pro basketball player.

I recently reviewed this program. This is one of those "defining episodes" that really showcases what CBSRMT was (is). There are certain episodes that you would want to let a person listen to if you were trying to show them what CBSRMT is all about - the kind of mystery, suspense, and terror that filled the airwaves when this show was on the air. With 1399 programs, not all of them are going to be memorable but we've seen on these website many times where someone is trying to identify a program that they heard 30 years ago and are looking for it because the details have stuck in their head all these years. This program is one of those. Sometimes I can zero in on a detail or two in a program that really adds to the experience for me. In this program what was particularly interesting to me was the few moments of dialog about the road to the town; They see the small sign and then look to the left and see only ruts through a field. Is that the road? As a listener, at once I am interested based on this. What is down that road? Why is it only a path? I love it. That kind of stuff is what makes it for me. And the ending - what other kind of ending could there be for a program like this? Would it have been better if the cops showed up and saved everyone? Of course not.

Wow, well I will chime in and agree, this is def one of the best ones! Years later, a somewhat similar tale "Tourist Trap" would be broadcast on CBSRMT, also one of the best ones!

There are lots of "Sleepy Little Village" episodes on RMT, some better than others, but I have to agree this is one of the best. In spite of the hints, I didn't see where it was going until it was already there. :) Definitely 5 stars for both the writing and the acting.

Tony Roberts was featured in several episodes involving couples thrown into crazy circumstances including "The Colony" and "Hickory, Dickory, Doom." A number of episodes had "bad" endings which were fitting, such as the case here. What exactly were the people eating at that barbecue anyway? Was it...

That was absolutely THE best episode I've heard yet. So creepy! Fantastic story with a perfect ending. Well done!

Wow, this one was creepy, chilling, and totally frustrating for the listener! I kept "riding" along with the young couple, hoping like the dickens they would get the h*** outta Granville.

I remembered RMT when i was very young in the mid 70's I wasnt able to listen every night. I first heard it in the car on the way home from church... later in the late 90's when i got on the internet I looked for old time radio on Napster I found 5 or 6 episodes Soon as i heard the creaking door I knew I had found it.

That's one of my favorite episodes! For those interested in both a counterpoint and the inspiration for this, here is "Terror at the Red Wolf Inn", which I'm pretty sure inspired the writing of this episode. This was one of a series of C-movies I remember which must have had a $300 per market media buy (I only saw them advertised once in a span of weeks, and they were always in late night, after the evening news), and the tag line for this movie was: "At the Red Wolf Inn, they'll be glad to have you". These films would have been borderline-X not for sex but violence and gore*, so this shows how far (down) we've come. The RMT plays were frequently created not only in response to current events but also TV shows and movies of that era. *Bruce Dern was in one such movie of these (not "Red Wolf Inn") and he later said he was ashamed to have had to do something (only pretend) that he did in that movie.

This CBSRMT episode reminds of THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode called "Stopover In A Quiet Town" where the 2 main characters are trapped in a peaceful place and don't know how to escape. Same idea, different endings. One word to describe the Climax at the 39-minute 22-second mark: ENTERTAINING. One word to describe the Resolution at the 41-minute 48-second mark: WOW!!! I did not see that coming. Bravo to Bob Juhren on his writing. E.G. Marshall was nearly perfect on his commentaries. In his Epilogue, he said, "…another menu of Suspense, Mystery, and Horror." ACT-1 had Suspense, ACT-2 had Mystery, and ACT-3 had Horror. In his Prologue, however, he said, "Your landlord in this mansion of terror." Good choice of words, but not for this particular episode since it doesn't take place in a mansion. It takes place in the town of Granville, Population: 210, where there are no kids, no teenagers, no senior citizens, and no pets. "Your storyteller in this town of terror," would be the right intro. The sound effects of the doorbell, birds chirping, construction working, large crowd, the music band, barn door unlocked, dialing & ringing from the rotary phone, and the tea cups clinking were good contributions to this tale. The music in ACT-1 sounded casual, ACT-2 had music where the mystery was building up, and the music at the very end of ACT-3 was shocking. But it felt like it needed more suspenseful tunes. Suspenseful like the tunes in #1245-THE JUDGE'S HOUSE and #0573-THE ARTIST. But more importantly, I give a round of applause to our cast: Tony Roberts (as Mike Slater the news writer), Jennifer Harmon (as Jane Slater the painter), Grace Matthews (as the 79 year old Martha Williams), Leon Janney (as Ned Broker and Stu Henry), and William Redfield (as Tim Egan the basketball player). One word to describe the talent of these actors & actresses: SPLENDID. I recommend this episode to every CBSRMT fan that enjoys a good shocking ending.

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