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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Little Old Lady Killer
A female cop must work hard to convince her male partners that the vigilante wanted for the death of several animal abusers is actually an elderly woman.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 15, 1975
Repeat - February 14, 1976
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5 Responses to Episode 0344

A "little old lady" that loves animals doesn't show the same compassion toward humans. A female police detective tries to piece together events in order to solve a string of killings.

An old woman metes out vigilante justice to those who are cruel to animals. A lady detective (rare enough in those days to make it an important part of the story) figures it out, but has trouble convincing her male counterparts. Meanwhile, the death toll mounts.

The cleverest thing about this episode is the title. The listener has all the details about the killer and the motives from the beginning. All that is left is to listen to the police solve the case. An elderly woman exacts a lethal revenge on people who have been unkind to animals.

An interesting, somewhat psychological, story about someone who comes to be basically the type of person they want to get rid of. I did like the line in the story where the one person says something like "You know women when they start talking", just a throw away line but I thought it interesting (and funny) nonetheless.

Very interesting one...

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