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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Grey Ghost
Overcome by grief at the death of her race car driver father, a woman abandons her husband and loses herself in Italy. While roaming the city streets, she meets a talented driver whom she decides to sponsor. She learns the truth surrounding her father's accident while watching him race.
Air Dates:
First Run - August 8, 1975
Repeat - December 21, 1975
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6 Responses to Episode 0323

A woman pictures herself as nothing more than a loser. He latest bout of pity causes here to run out on her husband and travel to Rome. Her dead race-car driver father talks to her from the grave on occasion in a reverberated voice - including on the flight to Rome. Upon arrival, she gets involved in another race-car experience that involves her, her dead father, the man that was involved in the wreck that killed him, a rich Italian race car owner, and an American mechanic that operates a small garage in Italy. As the wheels turn...

A woman depressed over the death of her father (a race car driver)leaves her husband and flies to Italy. While there, she meets a brilliant but underfunded driver and decides to sponsor him. While watching him race, she discovers the truth about her father's death.

Car racing... Well, I hate all sports but this one less than most. The quiet, slightly embarrassed, ghost which haunts the protagonist is a bit interesting and the characters are nice.

A woman mourns the death of her father who was killed as a professional race car driver. The other driver accused of causing the accident left the sport and all went their separate ways. While traveling in Europe, the woman encounters an Italian man who offers to show her the sights and lift her spirits… and as an Italian race car driver, there is an appeal she finds hard to resist. While out driving in his fancy car, they are overtaken as though standing still by a strange vehicle…

An interesting listen as a character who I think is only in Act 1 comes back in Act 3 behind the scenes (only spoken of). I also found it interesting that the ghost couldn't move on until his daughter figured out what really happened.

Interesting episode; I actually listened to this episode when NPR had reruns of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater in the late 1990s, except I didn't know that the episodes they were running were reruns of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater from the 1970s. Once I found out that, I actually got more interested in the series and started listening to more episodes, and ever since then I have been a fan.

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