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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Devil's Boutique
After chancing upon a charming boutique in a quaint resort city in the Caribbean, an arrogant and self-absorbed couturier uses the designs she sees in the store and claims it as her own. Soon after, terrible misfortunes plague her and she learns first-hand what happens when you steal from the Devil himself.
Air Dates:
First Run - August 4, 1975
Repeat - December 14, 1975
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11 Responses to Episode 0320

The plot synopsis says the store in this story is located in the Caribbean. It's actually located in Durna, Libya. The same store is used as a plot device in a later episode called "Devil's Gold."

This episode has just the right amount of intrigue and fable.

I love this episode. Great story and well written.

I love this episode. Great story and well written.

A vein fashion designer finds a quaint and haunting boutique in a remote resort city in the Carribean. She steals some of the shopkeepers designs. Her justice is slow, excrutiating, and ironic. You don't steal from the Devil.

An internationally redound and extremely vain fashion designer takes one of her gentleman friends and her daughter on a cruise where, at one stop, the captain suggests searching out the Devil’s Boutique saying that other passengers have spoken highly of it, and while he has never been there himself, he is sure it will prove an interesting experience. Finding the little shop she sees fashion designs that are beyond compare. She arranges to distract the shop owner and make some sketches to copy the designs for herself, but when the shop owner discovers her she expects him to be angry. Rather, he gives her a gift of earrings and lipstick.

This was a very good episode. It had an inventive story and the characters were more interesting than usual. Good sound quality and well-produced. I enjoyed the Vincent Price sound-alike.

One of my favorite episodes, I can listen to it over and over again without getting bored.

I love this episode, I've been listening to it and relistening to it every night when I go to bed. This would have made a great ABC Movie of The Week thriller in the 70s.

this is one spooky story!

Earrings, lipstick, cruise... The Devil's Boutique, one of my favorites. Elvira deserved everything that happened to her. She was even unkind to her daughter. She could have had the earrings surgically removed, then a little touch up by a plastic surgeon, but noooo, she just had to go back to try to find that darn shop keeper!

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