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CBSRMT Episode Information
Return to Shadow Lake
The Maxwell couple make their way through a blizzard to get to their summer cabin where someone has apparently attempted a burglary. But they encounter a mystical scene from the past over there - a scene that might not let to get back to their regular lives unscathed.
Air Dates:
First Run - May 22, 1975
Repeat - September 7, 1975
Repeat - October 24, 1980
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13 Responses to Episode 0278

I recently listened to this program and I do not recall having heard it before. I can honestly say that this is one of the best CBSRMT programs that I have ever heard. It had me hooked from the very beginning and is just the kind of program that represents what CBSRMT is to me. Speaking of beginnings, a lot of what we hear at the beginning of a program really sets the stage for the rest of the listening experience. Sometimes it is hard to understand what is happening and it can be ten minutes or more before I start to grasp who is who and what is happening. This program is crystal clear and from the beginning I was right along for the ride. I plan on compiling a "best of the best" disc of programs in the future, and this one will be on it without a doubt. If you want to hear a good program, skip my review and go listen to it right now. If you would like to read my review, I will set up the first few minutes of action. Listen to E.G. Marshall's take on the uses of a summer cabin at the beginning. It's late on Saturday night and Ken Harris and his wife Martha are spending a quiet evening in their apartment. Mr. Harris is reading and Mrs. Harris is working on needlepoint. A surprising ringing of the doorbell reveals an unexpected visit from their friend Stu Ralston. We quickly learn from the ensuing conversation that Stu's wife, Claudia, apparently jilted him a year earlier and ran off. Although no one seems sure what happened, she disappeared, has not been heard from since, and is regarded by police as a "missing person." Occasionally, Stu takes a drive to places that he and his wife spent time in a sort of search for her or for clues about what might have happened. He's just returned from one such outing - a drive to Shadow Lake where Ken and Martha Harris own a seasonal cabin. It was a place that Claudia liked to spend time. We learn that the Harris couple spend a lot of time at the cabin during the Summer - but it's Winter now, and Stu is concerned that someone has broken into the cabin because it appeared to him that lights were on inside and he thinks that he saw a shadow move across the window. Thus, the reason for his visit on this night. This greatly concerns Ken Harris but at this time of night they can do nothing. The next morning he rises early in order to drive to the lake and investigate. A snowstorm is raging outside but he is insistent on going. Mrs. Harris wants him to stay home and deal with the issue when the weather is better but he is determined to go. He wants to go alone, but she insists on accompanying him - so, they set out. This is only the beginning of this excellent program.

Martha Maxwell makes a winter trip to the couple's summer cabin after hearing someone had been in it. They nearly die in a blizzard enroute. While there, A scene from not long ago is recreated --- destroying MArtha's world.

Another creepy episode.

A friend of a couple is distraught over the disappearance of his wife some weeks ago. The couple try to console him, afterward, the friend reports that while he was up at the lake, he noticed suspicious behaviour at their cottage and suspected that their place had been burglarized. Wishing to go check it out the husband is anxious to leave at once and when a weather advisory comes up the wife urges him to stay at home and check it later. Despite her pleadings the two set out on the wind and snow-blown road to their cottage where they find…

It's interesting to see that no one was overly-impressed by this program because it had me in its grasp. It is my humble opinion that this is one of the best episodes ever. The setup is really what had me interested from the outset. E.G. Marshall's words about summer cabins at the beginning were the perfect stage-setter. Listen to them carefully if you are going to listen to this program. Then, the unexpected late night visit about someone apparently in the cabin some miles away caused the feeling of mystery and suspense for me. I really liked this program. As for the ending, was an ending necessary? The real ending occurred before the end of the program now didn't it?

I liked this program also. It as very interesting how their indiscretion was played out. It was as if the cabin walls could talk. What a chilling way to find out your husband was a murderer.

Emmmmmmmmmmmmmm well no oscars tonight and in my opinion a pretty predictable story....which never really got going.....Leaving the end open is a twist . Option A - he gets away with it or Option B - he gets caught...... Entertainment value i would give it a 2 and RMT suspense a 2 again..... Best quote of the show what when the shopkeeper mentioned he would rather be the sherrif when the sherrif got the snow shoes out of the vehicle.....I suppose I am maybe over critical but thats my view on it.........Bring em on!

you're very welcome, Draegerman! i found a resource which i could host from, though the links may expire after a period of time. as for this show, i really got into in the beginning. it gave me some good creeps and jitters as it moved along, but once the plot was revealed, i soon lost a concerned interest. i did enjoy that there were sort of two dramas at play here. one with the couple trying to just get where they were going, and then the other when they got there. it's not a bad tale, but not a terribly gripping one either. i gave it a 2.8 overall. solid performances and production, but the tale just never really peaked for me.

SPOILER ALERT* - I think he played his cards wrong. He doesn't want to go to jail or kill his wife. Leaving her to die in the snow while surviving himself would bring up questions. Since she's worried about this scenerio, he should suggest they stay there one more night (if only for another day of freedom)to try and gain her trust and hope she loves him enough after getting over the initial shock to let him get away with it. If he is truly evil and want to kill her it would be safer for him to repeat history than draw attention leaving her in the streets while driving home. Regardless, knowing what he was capable of and her vulnerability, she should have subdued her reaction to not give him a "jail or murder me" ultimatum.

I love Nat Polen's voice in this. When she asks him if he wants another hot dog, he states that he had ThrEEE. Then, he later states that they agrEEEd on something. Also, which actress played the operator? I cannot tell which Joan it was. Someone help, please.

Simpson Jr., I would love to have a copy of your best-of-the-best compilation, because I agree that this is one of the most compelling episodes of the CBSRMT. Part of it is the title: "RETURN TO SHADOW LAKE." I'm in! Then there's the enigma of the break-in at the cottage, and the journey in the snowstorm, then the unfolding of supernatural events at the cabin -- what more do you want? I like all of Fielding Farrington's episodes, in fact. An imaginative writer who knew how to keep the thread tight.

Simpson Jr, I agree with Jacob W. Count me in on a copy also. I have my list of favorites, and this is certainly one of them.

There seems to be a little bit of a split on whether this is a very good or just mediocre tale. I'm in the latter crowd as it just didn't do much for me. I thought it was mostly predictable (except for the "ghosts"). I did like the end where they left it open what was going to happen next.

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