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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Sighting
A couple encounters a UFO landing on Earth. Though the husband insists on denying what he saw, his wife starts to get neighbourly visits from aliens.
Air Dates:
First Run - November 25, 1974
Repeat - January 19, 1975
Repeat - June 13, 1980
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10 Responses to Episode 0178

This is a fantastic episode--5 stars. The most amazing thing about \"The Sighting\" is that it was decades before its time. Stories about UFOs, aliens and implants were decades away. And yet, this episode dealt with these fascinating subjects. The X-Files has nothing on Mystery Theater!

Um... decades away? This was 1974. There had been plenty of movies, books, radio dramas and tv shows dealing with UFOs and aliens since way before 1974.

J...not compared to today, man.

When a respectable couple believes they have seen a flying saucer, they agree to keep it quiet, though when she speaks with her neighbour wife, she learns that they saw it too. While she doesn’t let on, she talks more to her husband about it. He is adamant that nothing happened and goes about his business. A short time later she is befriended by an alien who enlists her cooperation eventually implanting a mind-control chip in her…What can save her, and the human race from certain obliteration? You have to love the voice of the alien.

I am teaching a course to a class of 7th graders--mostly a review course for academic classes. I played this episode for them and they--LOVED IT! I taught them what life was like before cell phones, internet, satallite television, on my i-5 powered, cordless laptop. Ironic.

Yes, this episode was similar to the X-Files where Scully got an implant at the base of her neck as well. However, this story was years before that plot was introduced to that show. There was also that worm they used in The Wrath of Kahn, which is similar. A good listen. I liked how she was the only one who believed about the aliens until her next door neighbor convinced her own husband and the main character's husband.

What an awful Alien voice. sounds like the alien has a speech problem & is a little slow. He sounds like he"s reading a book at 3rd grade level. This episode could have been better with better actors.who had a sense of fun & hum our about

I agree with Jason. Overall the episode was entertaining and fun. Extremely corny, but that is to be expected. If I didn't know this came out in 1974 I would of guessed twenty years earlier. They really do make it sound like old time radio. My biggest gripe was that damn alien. His voice we so bad. He sounded like a Robot with down syndrome; or a retarded child with a stutter. It isn't even so much the voice itself, but all the pauses. It really does sound like a monotone child who barely knows how to read. They could of done better with that

And another thing about the 70's - Erich von Daniken! Remember him? Chariots of Fire was all over the place! You couldn't get away from aliens. They were everywhere, abducting people and putting probes into them. I think even cornball shows like Mike Douglas had guests that claimed to have been abducted by aliens. The Sighting is very consistent with what was going on back in the mid-70's. Anyone who disagrees must be young and wasn't aware during that era.

This is a pretty decent episode, but they lost me with that "love conquers all" bit. It's been done to death! An X-Files episode would never end like this. BTW, the 70's were full of talk about aliens and UFO's. There were a plethora of "actual" saucer photo's on TV. Remember Nimoy's show called "In Search of..."? The only reason there might be more now is because there's about a billion more channels now.

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