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Wave of Terror
A more modern version of the classic Romeo and Juliet, with the story taking place in Hawaii. Disaster follows the couple as their marriage is strictly prohibited by their families who have a secret to hide.
Air Dates:
First Run - November 11, 1974
Repeat - December 29, 1974
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9 Responses to Episode 0172

I would give "Wave of Terror" 5 stars for ambition and 3 stars for overall story. It is not a modern day Romeo and Juliette as described. It is a look into the power of love and how it can overcome racial prejudices. My biggest criticism with this episode is the actress who played "Juliette;" she was suppose to be 20 years old, but sounded like she was 50. Himan Brown cast actors/actresses who had experience in radio dramas. Some times these actors/actresses voices did not fit the part as was the case here. Still, a good listen.

A man, the son of a Polynesian Queen on one of the Hawaiian islands is deeply in love with the daughter of a corporate king who own most of the island on which the queen resides, and once ruled. They wish to be married but must first tell their parents of their plans. Neither of the parents will be keen as they both have marriages in mind to further their disparate concerns: the queen to revive a dying race, the corporate magnate to secure the lineage of his economic empire.

I had a hard time getting interested in the plot through act 1 and 2, but by act 3 it seemed to capture more of my attention. I guess I am one of those peoples who likes the more who-dunnit mysterys like the Sherlock Holmes episodes. But I too like Ian Martin performances, so for that reason I would still give the episode a thumbs up.

I thought Ian Martin did an interesting job when he started having a bit of a seizure while talking with Gordon Gould's character... though if the RMT characters in "Hurricane" had been in Kat they'd probably never have made it out of the play.

this was a slow moving tale with the same basic premise of Romeo and Juliette. and while it was more a tale of love and woe, i found it an interesting study of the lives of people just prior to tragedy. it reminded me a lot of my favorite RMT series, The Last Days of Pompeii, in that it focused on the characters more than it did the story. and for that reason, i think it was a very well done performance, but in this case, i wanted a bit more story. the interplay was terrific between the actors, and that lent to it being a very worth show, indeed!

Whispers of Romeo and Juliet. Slow start out of the gate but it finished on top. Good writing and solid acting. A reasonable twist on an old theme. I enjoyed listening to the episode.

Although others compare this to Romeo and Juliet, I wouldn't necessarily do the same comparison. The reason for that is that in R&J the families were actively warring with each other, not quite the case in this story. The story was quite slow moving until the third act, but I did like the resolution to the story. I do agree that some of the actors definitely sound a certain age and shouldn't play characters that aren't near that age, but still a good listen.

Wave of Terror is my favorite.

38 minutes in... and nothing has happened. 1 star.

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