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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Garden
A couple discover that they are imprisoned in a peculiar forest inhabited by two beings - a gentle lady and a bad giant. In order to escape, they request the assistance of the giant but soon realize that they committed a grave mistake.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 19, 1974
Repeat - November 10, 1974
Repeat - September 16, 1979
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18 Responses to Episode 0150

Sept. 1974... 'Stay tuned' afterwards for A. Greenspan's news debut... right after the London RIIA starts peddling the line (who asked them anyway?) that USSR nukes & tin can navy are dangerously superior to the USA's. Such irony... dripping with irony (no wonder they call this place the 'water planet'). -- How on Earth could anyone actually try to pull off such shenanigans with a straight face? -- I'm no criminal-elite-social-psychologist, but They have to have at least some reason or rationale for such (organized/coordinated) behavior. - Why was the 'golden age' (US mid-40s-mid-70s) put on ice instead of sensibly nurtured and maintained? - Why was (the at least relatively 'economic nationalist') Nixon 'watergated' and replaced with good-looking stooges for the (then-)new Greenspan-globo-era (mid-'70s-2011)? - Why was this ("neo-liberal") economic souffle topped off with a big fat dollop of (pseudo) militarist propaganda, eventually blossoming into the (borderline absurdist) 'missle gap' hysteria of the ("neo-conservative") Ronnie RayGun early '80s? Are we citizens really to infer [when/if we eventually catch on to the above] that the politicians we elect- from either Party- are in fact (& increasingly) themselves governed by... how can I put this... something resembling a puerile, phallic death cult of military-industrial-complex GrossDP-worshipers, more linked with each other 'at the top' (horizontally), than with their own 'domestic' media & citizenry (vertically)?... and that the increasingly prevalent 'Zombie Banks' (see Ep. 40) are largely just another layer of middleman between our elected politicians (whom 'the bankers' feed) and the real 'globalist' masters & managers? Returning to the thesis question, concerted organizational activities- yet alone globally concerted organizational activities- require...intelligence, be that intelligence on this side of life or the other. So again, 'how on Earth could anyone actually try to pull off such shenanigans (on an international level, no less) with a straight face?' Again, not to be an apologist for the poor management of recent decades, but perhaps some of the following factors could have motivated those 'at the Greenspan level' and above to 'keep the faith': a. GDP worship is, in many ways, idiotic, but can eliminate interfering hygiene factors, to the point where a politically significant proportion of 'the citizenry' can see through the mechanizations of the GDP machine... i.e., like adolescence, people will eventually outgrow it. b. the old 'USA consumes a quarter of the world's resources with only 5% of the world's population' line. Thus, various (geograhpic) equalization-globalization schemes. c. the "private central bank' (PCB) pseudo-religious mantra of 'the modern' West fully allows and enables such manipulations of so-called 'national' currencies, 'national' economies, and national industries (to include Hollywood and all other private media in the US)... depending on how far down the 'control freaks' wish to reach. "A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit." [i.e.- the curiousity factor; how much can they get away with] d. How far down do They wish to reach (into controlling the prevalent attitudes of society)? Amateur curiosity aside, multi-generational pros [PCBs have been running the currency/circulatory systems of places like England since before it was even the UK] would be expected to be more like a teacher than like a punk... i.e. 'How far down' They go (in controlling culture in the 'modern', media/mediated Age) is simply how far down They NEED to go... in teaching the lesson(s) that They deem necessary to be taught. So what Lessons have They been teaching, over the past several decades lets say, that have- up until now anyway- sufficiently motivated people like Greenspan to 'keep the faith'? Well that's a matter of opinion and there have certainly been many (lessons/themes). But the last one- the last lesson- would certainly be for the teachers to 'paint their own exit'; to start revealing enough clues & evidence for we the people to figure them out (and perhaps even also figure out something better to take their (institutional) place). "When you need me, but do not want me, I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go." But there can be no full understanding of what They have been up to (these past decades, centuries) simply in terms of economics or materialism. There is also that so often overlooked, or taken-for-granted, factor of Time. Notice that this big transition [CBS News spends so much time telling us about every detail of the 'watergate' transition] takes place in the mid-'70's, the middle of 1974 to be more exact. Why go through so much effort (to drag out Nixon and put in Greenspan), at that particular time, as if the gods-of-globalism had to be appeased, and there was [to look at Gen. Haig at least] no other option? Just to take down the (presumed) US economic threat (to the world at large), in favor of PCB-controlled globo-corps.- the presumed knights of a New World Order of post-nationalism, maybe even post-nations? Not a bad answer (at least compared to how such matters are entertained over the public airwaves these days); but, again, that's only the Economic/material side. The 'Imperial Presidency' [which Nixon is often said to have started] and resultant ruse of the National (in)Security State, built up over the past 4 decades, can often obscure what has been happening on the cultural-Spiritual side of the plate. They (teachers) have been running- through the denizens of corp. media 'Hollywood' [later expanded to Washington, which began to be nicknamed 'Hollywood East' in the 1980s]- what might be called their own version of Introduction of Astrology/Cosmology, not just for several decades, but for (at least) a century. Now's probably not the best time/venue to explain it all. Here, however, is the basic outline: Yang side (econ. 'nationalism') Yin Side (econ. 'globalism') [dom./rising=spring] [dom./rising=autumn] 1. Aries (card.fire)- 1918.2-1926.6 7. Libra (cardinal air)- 1968.4-1976.6 2. Taurus (stab.earth)- 1926.6-1934.9 8. Scorpio (stab.water)- 1976.7-1984.10 3. Gemini (mut.air)- 1934.9-1943.2 9.Sagitarius (mut.fire)- 1984.11-1993.3 [rec./receding=summer] [rec./receding=winter] 4. Cancer (card.water)- 1943.3-1951.6 10.Capicorn (card.earth)- 1993.3-2001.6 5. Leo (stable fire)- 1951.6-1959.10 11.Acquarius (stable air)- 2001.7-2009.10 6. Virgo (mut.earth)- 1959.10-1968.3 12. Pisces (mut. water)- 2009.10-2018.3 [also]- 1909.9-1918.2

Interesting story but TERRIBLE theology! "It is appointed unto man to die once and then the ressurection." This sounds more like reincarnation until Nirvanna with a Heaven/Hell setting.

Umm, well my comment will be a bit more down to earth than the above. This was a very fun episode. I love the ones where they go out of their way to illustrate the scene with great foley sound effects. We definitely have some here. This episode is a wonderful mystery. I find very little mystery in plots today - so much is predictable. It\'s a pleasure when I\'m wondering what will happen or be said next. I had my ideas from the start and they drop a great clue in the first act . . .I love how our host (E.G. Marshall) will not let go the concept of endless realms and depths between full consciousness and deep unconsciousness/anesthesia. He is absolutely right and many a professional anesthesiologist and/or recreational dissociative user would be very very quick to agree with him. What gets me about the levels of sub-consciousness is unlike CBSRMT they are NOT limited by a $31K per episode budget! I love the ending - NOT what I expected. And Yep, definitely seems like a bizarre Christian version of the Bardo Realms.

"I love how our host (E.G. Marshall) will not let go the concept of endless realms and depths between full consciousness and deep unconsciousness/anesthesia." Right on.

I have been looking for this episode for eight years! Thanks!

Why must people feel the need to soapbox. Who cares what you think about politics. Must have led a sheltered life.

I enjoyed this one- ended with an interesting concept. I also have been enjoying the peeks into the past with news reports and advertising- but I agree this isn't the place for Soapboxing unless you are a lot more succinct at least. The above rant is virtually unreadable and says more about the writer's ability for self editing than about politics. I do enjoy reading people's reactions because many of these shows are thought provoking and are worthy of discussion.

Effective episode. The giant is especially creepy. Interesting that the actor playing Jack has played several sinister characters prior to this episode. Atmosphere is effective throughout.

And so went the last word.

Not bad, but not necessarily fantastic. The comments for this episode are entertaining though. 3 1/2 stars.

A man and a woman find themselves trapped in a junge inhabited by a kind woman and an evil giant. They offer themselves to the giant in exchange for rescue. They soon regret the bargain and ask the old woman to help.

A young couple are walking through a strange place unaware of how they got there, and until that point unaware of each other, when they become entangled in the thick vines. An ugly giant appears and offers to help them if they will pay… pay a price to be determined later, and he promises he will come to collect. They agree and continue on their journey when they encounter the most beautiful woman they have ever seen who takes them to a beautiful garden and says they may stay as long as they wish when the giant appears and reminds them of the debt they owe. Every once in a while they hear voices that seem to be coming from an emergency operating room where a life and death struggle is taking place.

Uh, Steve; what's that thing on which you're standing? Hey, wait; what's "Ivory Snow"?

This is a George Lowthar episode, so I was expecting the "Act III Twist." As a result, the ending was not surprising. I will say, though, that Mr. Lowthar, perhaps unintentionally, left me theologically uncomfortable. She saved Mordred from death at Jack's hand, specifically to gain entrance into Drusilla's garden, leaving Jack to Mordred's torture. This doesn't sound altruistic to me; this is very self-serving behavior. Life and Death morality play.

@ Mike. All I can say is that the answer to your over-blown, incomprehensible manifesto is 42. You might want to lay off the herb-laced brownies. Aside from that, the show was decent. A good listen.

An interesting tale - the beginning and description made me think that it might be Adam and Eve, but that was quickly dispelled. It quickly became apparent that they were in what may be termed limbo. After that it wasn't as clear to me what was going on. However, I still enjoyed the episode, especially Joe Silver's deep voice as Mordred. As Andy mentioned the woman saving Mordred was self-serving to an extent, but it's also possible it was more than that. Interesting 10 minutes of news at the end.

Loved the Buick commercials.

I listened to this episode when I was twelve years old and have always remembered it. It left me thoughtful to what Earth, Life & Death was for many years. I always reflected on how one wanders about throughout their existence and the decisions they've made.

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