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CBSRMT Episode Information
Three Fireflies in a Bottle
Years after their first encounter, a man is reunited with a childhood friend he claims is an alien being. The creature foretells of the destruction of Earth should the human race continue with their evil ways.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 22, 1982
Repeat - December 30, 1982
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2 Responses to Episode 1385

I found this an interesting if rather slow-moving episode. It seems to be leading us down a familiar path--the same path as the movie "E.T.," in fact, which came out the same year, I think--but instead heads in a totally different direction. It was an engaging listen generally, though I had serious trouble with the all-too-convenient, and totally unbelievable, hypnotist/psychiatrist who appears in Act III. I don't think I'll remember this episode for long, but it was worth hearing. By the way, Tammy Grimes has often been slammed on this site. It's obvious that no one could ever possibly replace E.G. Marshall in the hearts of CBSRMT listeners, but honestly, I rather like her hosting style. The shows have a different feel with her--more like a PBS "Mystery!" broadcast, somehow. Not unappealing, at least to me.

This is one of those shows I wish I could have heard in the original broadcast. It would have creeped me out totally. Not the UFO tie-in but the psychological aspects and especially the sound beds. The child's voice was disturbing and not something that occurred much in RMT. Unlike the usual haunts, ghost voices etc., the sound of an emotionally traumatized child has a troubling aspect that a classic gothic horror ghost voice doesn't have. I don't think I can grasp the psychological aspects entirely, I don't know how Arl came to appear to Robbie in the first place but I figure what transpired after that was due to the beating. If it was in fact the first time the father hit his son, and did it "over and over again", then the rest would follow. I also remember thinking, does he really want a discredited lush of a psychiatrist hypnotizing him and bringing this stuff out? Seems the discrediting was warranted, as this guy didn't know enough not to laugh off Robbie's innermost traumas as figments of his childhood imagination. Arling might represent the progression of the emotional disorders beyond childhood, when the imaginary friend becomes a sexual fantasy. I'm just thinking out loud here and looking forward to reading the posts. This is a great show, I know some people who aren't fans who may well become fans upon hearing it.

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