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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
A county sheriff is taken aback when the prosecutor assigned to the case brings in a psychic to help with their investigation.
Air Dates:
First Run - August 12, 1982
Repeat - November 17, 1982
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5 Responses to Episode 1360

Fred,Lloyd,and Court,very good,one of the best of crews. Wow look at those commas. And you add one of the best written episodes,thank you Bryce,and it's 6 stars.After 1360 episodes I put this one in the 10.

Note: I like every episode Fred Gwynn did on the mystery theatre. He was definently my favorite CBSRMT actor. Also, I can't watch the movie My Cousin Vinny enough times. Fred Gwynn plays a country sheriff trying to solve a murder before tourist season starts (his job is also on the line). A prosecuter running for political office muscles into the case and brings in a Psychic. Of course, the Psychic fingers the wrong man.

A small town needs some excitement to increase tourism, and a murder would be just the thing. When a double murder occurs, a psychic is brought in to help solve the case. 

This is another episode where Fred Gwynn stole the show. Solid episode all the way around. 4 stars.

Acting wise I thought it was a good episode, but I really like ones where you have a chance at figuring it out rather than having some explanation come out of left field.

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