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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Only Blood
After refusing to pay blood money to the local mafia, an immigrant shoe-maker becomes the target of their ire. Angered by their misdeeds, the man hatches a plot for revenge. Meanwhile, the mob leader is torn between business and his daughter's love.
Air Dates:
First Run - July 31, 1974
Repeat - September 29, 1974
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7 Responses to Episode 0125

8 out of 10. Good story, like a morality play.

It was good though somewhat predictable. Even 40 years ago (as the story says) plus the forty years since this story was written I think people and police would have been conscious to that mail bomb.

One of the best of the series so far.

Amazing how he kept himself together after his family was killed by a bomb. If it were I, I wouldn't be vengeful or merciful; I'd have been too much of a basket case to have taken any action at all. Ending predictable. Crime drama, morality play, no supernatural elements.

5 stars and one of my favorites. This was an amazing act of writing by Sam Dann, who normally writes somewhat "vanilla" episodes for Mystery Theater. "The Only Blood" is definitely Dann's best episode during Mystery Theater's first year. Also, Robert Dryden's voice is so low and, for lack of better words, made for radio. He is almost too much voice; very little acting. But the script and direction were perfect. Great episode even for first time listeners.

Meh, not much emotion in the acting. No dialect to make it more "believable." Too boring and dry for such a decent script.

An interesting look at what an immigrant might think of America. Some have said it was a morality play and to an extent it was, but he was ready to kill the man at one point. The only reason why he saved his life was to show how he was different than the mobster. Although it was predictable in many parts, I still enjoyed it.

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