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40 years later, a letter mailed in 1941 is discovered and a local postman is tasked to deliver it. The man becomes entangled in a ghostly affair.
Air Dates:
First Run - July 29, 1981
Repeat - October 27, 1981
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4 Responses to Episode 1227

I really like this episode - maybe one of my favorites. What happens to (and a result of) a 40 year old letter that never got delivered?

This is one of my favorites. When he calls in the middle of the night, my heart still drops! Talk about a creepy, ghost spook. YIKES!!!

Very cool premise ... This episode I give 4 out of 5 for very good. I enjoyed this very much! I think the acting was excellent and the main character held my attention very well the whole episode! I love the premise of the story and how it was done here in this episode!

Bravo to Douglas Dempsey for writing a Drama-Mystery & the Fantasy-Mystery into one. I really loved E.G. Marshall's prologue on optimistic sayings. And his epilogue at the 41-minute 27-second mark is truly spellbinding on whether or not the main character was in a fantasy or reality since he was in every scene from start to finish. The music & sound effects go with the story like peanut butter & jelly. The sound effects of birds chirping, door bell ringing, dog barking, dial tone of a rotary phone, clock ringing, engine running, howling wind, the sounds of the letter opening, and the echoes of the spirit's voice were very supportive to this tale. The music is mystifying in ACT-1, momentous in ACT-2, and phantasmic in ACT-3. But the best part of all, was the cast: Ralph Bell (as George MacCreedy), Teri Keane (as Martha MacCreedy), Robert Kaliban (as Elroy and Leon Winters), and Ian Martin (as the Postmaster and Adolf the Gardner). I loved Ralph Bell's acting as a mailman who sticks to the postman's creed. Teri Keane's role as a housewife was amusing because her character has this feeling for a sense of destiny while her husband has a sense of duty. Robert Kaliban's acting as Elroy Winters was good, but his role as the other brother, Leon, was great because it felt like he used ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) in his voice to give your brain a tingling sensation. And Ian Martin's acting is superb just like his writing for the CBSRMT series. Check this episode out for it is a mystery story at its finest!

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