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CBSRMT Episode Information
Waking and Sleeping
Despite having everything his heart desires, a man finds there is a void in his life and only the Black Feral Dog in the park can help him unravel the mystery.
Air Dates:
First Run - June 29, 1981
Repeat - September 29, 1981
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6 Responses to Episode 1214

Stunningly beautiful story, surely one of the best--if not the best--of Eric's [rofoundly sensitive dramas. Just astonishing.

The show description is not for this show (Help Somebody). A depressed man separated from his wife moves to a new town and meets a girl standing in a field of daisies. I like the show, but wish the girls voice have been done differently.

Hmmm... beautiful quaint story

I am a little surprised Robert Dryden, Amanda Plummer and Teri Keane are not also listed. This amazing website is usually very thorough.

Surely one of the show's top five best episodes. Perfectly casted, deliciously performed and the best evidenceof that CBSRMT's single greatest accomplishment — taking nothing from the monumental talents gathered here — is as a showcase for the mesmerizing mind of Elspeth Eric. Everyone knew she was a strikingly beautiful actress; few knew she could write. . If you're taking your first taste of this extraordinary body of work, look for Eric's writing credit and see what you think.

A 62-year-old man (Michael Tolan) travels to Ungerville (supposedly named for the Danish word for "young"), where he meets a 17-year-old played by Tammy Grimes' daughter, Amanda Plummer. The girl's mother and the man's wife are played by Teri Keane, and Robert Dryden also appears.

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