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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Deadly Process
In order to save his job and further his career, an unskilled engineer pilfers the secret to a revolutionary process from an old friend. Now he must lie, cheat and bribe his way through life in a desperate bid to keep his new-found status.
Air Dates:
First Run - July 22, 1974
Repeat - September 27, 1974
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8 Responses to Episode 0121

A man desperate to pay off a debt is willing to steal a multi-million dollar idea from an old college friend in order to get ahead in his company. His deception results in murder. An interesting character study. Genre: Suspense/ Occult

An incompentent engineer steals an industrial process from an old college buddy to save his job, earning a promotion He then must lie and bribe witnesses to keep it.

Two college buddies meet up after many years away from school. One was particularly bright in college but is currently out of work and seeking an income. The other was less studious but is now an executive in charge of research at a large corporation. The executive tells about a problem they are having at the plant. The other reminds him of a paper he wrote in college that could solve all their problems if it was implemented. They agree to partner on the plan and share the benefits that will surely arise from this process. Later, upon visiting the executive, the out of work man discovers he has been swindled and cheated of his due for discovering the process. Irate, he plots restitution.

Engaging episode. If it had been I, I would have just gone to a rival corporation with the process. Ghost story.

An average episode. As usual, Marian Seldes infuses her character with loads of campy melodrama. She reminds me a bit of Mindy Gracin, Kristin Wiig's flamboyant actress character from the Secret Word skits.

Not crazy about this one. Didn't understand the supernatural aspect to the wife. More confusing was a "preview" at the beginning of the show that suggested the husband was going to shoot his friend, but that never appeared in the story! The whole story seemed to have gaps. Why did the husband suddenly turn against the friend who share the process?

Not one of my favorites. At this point in time, after listening to 150 or so episodes of Mystery Theater, I can't get past Marian Seldes's voice. She just sounds so old. I agree with Philip M's comment, she sounds like Mindy Gracin's character on Saturday Night Live. 3 stars.

Not a great episode. Makes you wonder why the college friend was a friend at all if all he ended up doing was getting his friend out of messes. In the end he did help him out of his last mess though. I liked how the mob characters were portrayed as smart enough to try to get in on the action though.

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