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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Heel of Achilles
In order to prove to his wife that the house is not plagued by spirits, a wealthy man agrees to spend the night there. Alone, he is visited by the phantoms of his past.
Air Dates:
First Run - March 13, 1981
Repeat - May 7, 1981
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4 Responses to Episode 1171

I remember the night this one aired on the radio. I was listening alone in my bedroom, in Los Angeles. CBS Radio Mystery Theater came on at 9:06, right after the news update, on KNX 1070am. When he spent the night in that house, and she called him up and said, "Run...." I literally felt my heart in my throat. I can still hear it. It still spooks me to this day. Some of these shows were better than anything on televison at that time. This was a GOOD one.

I think the basic premise of this story appears in several episodes of CBSRMT, but it's still a fairly good episode. Good sound and commercials. By the way, what's with the guy who wants to buy a juvenile? Now that's creepy.

The Heel of Achilles is my favorite.

I listen to a lot of these shows online. The Heel of Achilles is one of the few episodes I have on cassette from when I was a kid. This episode is one of my favorites; as the quality of episodes can be hit or miss (I skip almost all episodes authored by Elspeth Eric), I really appreciate one like this that has reasonable pacing, a storyline that works, no repetition in dialogue, and a believable twist. A haunted house? A rich guy insecure about his relationship with a much-younger wife? An insightful psychiatrist? Classic elements of a good mystery. Enjoy this one!

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