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CBSRMT Episode Information
Her Long Blonde Hair
Obsessed with an unusual violin that he believes is strung with the hair of his murdered wife, a college professor will stop at nothing to reclaim it.
Air Dates:
First Run - March 4, 1981
Repeat - April 23, 1981
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4 Responses to Episode 1167

This sort of slow-moving episode begins with a murder victim I feel sorry for. "Ella Mae Maltby", a southern girl who plays a fiddle that was made by her grandfather. She's convinced she's going to be hitting the big time soon as she buys back her fiddle from a pawnbroker played by a more-New York City-accented-than-usual Arnold Moss. Turns our Ella Mae was also a hard luck heroin addict or junkie of some sort. But she does seem to have a bit of a kind heart, and that's why it's difficult to hear Lloyd Battista (playing a limp-wristed sounding but previously married college professor) kill her. He does so because she won't sell him the bow to her fiddle, which he's convinced is made out of a woman's long blonde hair. (He'd previously tried to buy the bow from Moss's character, who said it was made out of common horsehair.) Battista also plays a normal sounding police detective (sometimes these dual role performances by the same actor worked well, but at first I thought we were going to learn that Battista's character was schizophrenic) whose wife is attending a college class taught by...you guessed it...the murderous prof. And we're on a collision course. Not the best episode, but on the second listen it was better than I thought it would be, and Battista's fey voiced character proves to be an interesting acting job for him.

I usually skip the non-supernatural stories, but this one was interesting with strong vocal performances. Unfortunately, the recording cuts off a little bit before the end of the story. I wonder what finally happens...

Sorry, I didn't care for this one. Stiff dialogue, boring plot.

one of the few episodes that survived on cassettes that I recorded...always liked this one..especially with Lloyd Batista & Arnold Moss.

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