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CBSRMT Episode Information
A couple take refuge from a storm in a secluded beach house, only to find themselves in the company of two strangers.
Air Dates:
First Run - July 1, 1974
Repeat - September 13, 1974
Repeat - March 21, 1980
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7 Responses to Episode 0112

This is excellent like all the Mysterys. Just wish the wind sound effects were a bit less. The loud wind effects made it hard to hear the actual play. Other then that, it was excellent!

Great play! The twists are great but not far-fetched. Its a nice bonus being gore and demon-free too. Great straight mystery.

Agree with the above comments. Will also add that the feel-good ending was nice, too. Non-violent thriller. No supernatural elements.

Agreed with the above posters. This is a very good episode. Straight-up thriller without supernatural elements, good surprises, and nice, tight plotting. Thumbs up.

A couple stumble into an unsettling situation seeking refuge from a hurricane. The home they come to is occupied by two men, one older man with a gun, the other younger man frantically sending subtle signals of distress to the newly arrived couple. Fearing for the safety of the young man, and themselves, they seek to uncover the problem. This episode is very similar to Episode 0041, “Blizzard of Terror” and is a candidate for the TWIN EPISODE award!

This episode was just alright. I agree with Jeruel, it was very similar to "Blizzard of Terror." Blizzard of Terror was much better. 3 stars.

Almost a duplicate of Blizzard of Terror, but with one more person. I think I would've enjoyed it more if they hadn't used the wind sound so loudly as if the windows were all open. I understand it was blowing pretty hard, but even so it was very annoying. That said, it was interesting psychology, whether real or made up.

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