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CBSRMT Episode Information
Yesterday's Murder
Determined to change her fate, a woman is granted the chance to go back in time to set her life in order.
Air Dates:
First Run - June 27, 1974
Repeat - September 10, 1974
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10 Responses to Episode 0111

Very odd ending. I Liked the story but really don't get the twist at the end.

VERY politically incorrect ending to the modern ear. Even Mr. Carpenter isn't actually the devil, even the devil tends to refrain from "the fate worse than death" in popular fiction. Deal with the devil, time travel.

Wow, wouldn't we all like a chance to rectify a past misdeed? This was a really intriguing episode. Dottie was quite a misguided woman, hey? Would anyone really be such a bonehead? I kind of doubt such a chance would be squandered. Ending was a shocker.

A down-on-her-luck woman receives the opportunity to go back and change her life and her fortunes, righting past wrongs. McCambridge shines in her performance.

A woman down on her luck meets up with an old acquaintance who has achieved all manner of material success. The woman is unhappy with her life, her marriage, and her financial status and responds to an advertisement promising a new life. When a gentleman shows up offering her a chance to go back and right past wrongs, she takes up the offer… Another great episode with passionate acting by Mercedes McCambridge. This was a banner week for CBSRMT with fantastic episodes!

I am still in awe of rediscovering RMT as an adult so all the episodes I have listened to have seemed really good to me. I loved the show for being scary and spooky as a kid. Now, as an adult, I realize the work that went into it, the dedication, and the amazing fact that people, so recently, put drama on the radio. So that is a review of the whole series. Now this particular episode. The actor's voices were all right to my ears, so I didn't have a need to object to that. The story for me on this one was okay. I enjoyed it. I guess the only new twist on the "going back in time to change a mistake" theme was the ending. I like that Dotty got her due in a way that was quite appropriate. She wouldn't put back the money so she went where money didn't matter. Very good twist for me. Can't wait for the next one!

I'll make this post brief, as I may not be on the same lines as others about this episode. Whenever I watch a movie, tv program, or listen to an RMT episode, where a character has a chance to redo something, rectify something, or even in situations where poor decisions lead to unfortunate circumstances, I usually blurt out one word when the concept finally hits me: "Dope!" That's what I blurted out twice in this episode. Now, Mercedes McCambridge, for me, is one of those actors for the RMT that usually makes me change to another episode. Her drawn out, over the top style of acting often leaves me with a need to gargle and listen to 40 minutes of silence. I think because (I say this with affection) she kind of reminds me of my own melodramatic mom. I can only listen to her go on for about 30 minutes or so before I must fabricate some reason to simply get off the phone or out of the moving car. Despite my obvious lack of passion for the actress, the story was just too over the top for me. Desperation forces folks to do crazy things, but if one were to live with the guilt of another's death for 20 years, I really believe they would ammend things, given a second chance. The way she blew it in the end just made me blurt out "dope" with a slight head shaking. The first time I heard this episode, I think I did the same thing. I really enjoyed the sinister man character. Not quite the devil, but certainly devilish enough. Just the way he said the word "opportunities" was enough to get me on his side. hehe Overall, I gave the episode a 3.5. Production was spot on, as always, and honestly, the performances were very well done. I just don't walk a straight line after listening to M.M. and with a story that just fell down a flight of stairs (for me), my score is reflective. Thanks for the pick and I look forward to next time!

This is a great episode, and one of my favorites. It also seems an appropriate choice since the last episode I listened to was about trying to change your future and this one is about trying to change your past. Mercedes McCambridge is one of my all-time favorite RMT performers, with her wonderfully weird husky voice---I love her in the good ones as well as the not-so-good ones. This is definitely one of the good ones. And she pretty much carries the entire show. Any lesser actress, I think, could not have made this character's choices believable. I especially love the ending ----how Dottie could actually make the same mistake again is just almost unbelieveable----but her punishment is great. A nice illustration of how those green pieces of paper that we value so highly are really, in the greater scheme of things, worth nothing at all. It reminds us that each of our values is always a choice---an important choice for which we must take individual responsibility. Sam Dann did a bang-up job on this one. It's an inventive little existential parable about human weakness, with a wonderfully, wickedly clever twist at the end for poor ol' dumb Dottie.

Eric the Red and (the late) Mercedes McCambridge...now THERE'S a combination! Bet she had HIM washing the goblets after a few years. Thanks for the pick, though I found myself thinking the same. "DOPE!" Then again, how many of us have said: "Ohhh, if we could only go back to our (usually teenaged) years with the wisdom we have now..." The RMT writers so often used grown-up wisdom in their own plays...I get the feeling someone said "OK, let's take this person back with her wisdom, but also with her old desires, immaturity, etc." At least, I got the feeling this was so.

I liked this episode for the basis of the what was offered - you do X and ONLY X and see where you go from there. It seemed like she was actually going to do X and ONLY X but thought that there was more to it than that. Perhaps she should have asked a few more questions and then she would've done the right thing as it was obvious that it had bothered her for some time. I did like the twist ending as well, but I wonder how taking her out of the "present" (as she just replaced herself doing the same thing in the past) and putting her in the far past affects the future (or even the "present"). If you watch Doctor Who you know that "small people" can make a big difference. Of course, both are fiction so take that as you will.

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