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CBSRMT Episode Information
Wanted, a Husband
('O. Henry classic')
A suspicious postal investigator pokes his nose into the business of two local swindlers believed to be running an elaborate mail order scam.
Air Dates:
First Run - May 7, 1980
Repeat - August 28, 1980
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5 Responses to Episode 1083

Humorous tale of two enterprising men in the 1920s using a newspaper ad of a woman seeking a husband to generate interest from marriage-minded men -- and their $4 "application fee" to be considered. Gwynne's folksy character is entertaining. Some great transitional music that moves the scenes -- it reminds me of the old Rankin-Bass animation productions. (Wonder where we could find them on the internet?) Some vintage ads as well, especially the last eight minutes. "Agree Conditioner -- Gets rid of the greasies!"

With Fred Gwynne.

Fred Gwynne + O.Henry = Entertainment! Fred Gwynne does a fantastic job for playing Jeff Peters with a southern accent. The music in ACT 1 makes this episode sound charming, adventurous & witty. In ACT 2 at the 25-minute 36-second mark, the music is unlike anything you've ever heard before; like Time itself stood still for a moment. In ACT 3, listen to Fred Gwynne chuckle at the 41-minute 10-second mark; it's interestingly weird. The actress Bryna Raeburn did a good job for playing Wilhemina TrotterIf, but I think Mercedes McCambridge would've been great for it. If you're looking for CBSRMT episodes that are NOT in the Genre of Horror, this is one of them. It's worth listening to.

Fred Gwynne as usual did not disappoint. was a fun episode with many cleaver parts to it. I was anticipating some twists and turns that did not develop but I suppose that is part of the anticipation. I liked the episode!

Great Episode - good acting & pleasing story - take the time to listen.

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