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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Face in the Coffin
In a visit to the funeral home to pay their respects to a deceased family member, a young couple unwittingly discover the body of a federal judge in charge of a huge trial for a suspect in an organized crime case. Soon, they are pursued by the felons and must take flight.
Air Dates:
First Run - April 16, 1980
Repeat - August 7, 1980
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3 Responses to Episode 1077

A fun episode with a good feel to it. When our couple are walking home from the ice cream parlor you actually get the feel of a warm spring evening in Washington. Fred Gwynne was superb as always. The guy playing the undertaker was superb, sounding just like a stereotypical undertaker would. Kristoffer Tabori can also be seen in the season 1 finale of Seaquest DSV playing Lucas' father.

Though it was entertaining, this was a pretty ridiculous episode. All the characters were borderline idiots. The scene with the squirrel was a classic though...worthy of Breaking Bad.

Mystery with a bit of comedy; good combination. Sit back and relax

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