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CBSRMT Episode Information
Who Has Seen the Wind?
In a freak accident, a claustrophobic woman is trapped in her home. Help comes in the form of a friend and her husband whose attempts to free her from the apartment are futile.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 31, 1979
Repeat - February 21, 1980
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7 Responses to Episode 1026

Interesting twist ending. Tale about mental illness and jealousy. No supernatural elements.

I love this episode into the realm of mortal terror kitty could of possibly opened the door but could she. Was she it jealousy or just did she commit murder it's up to you to decide.

This one features that Jane Curtin-soundalike Teri Keane as a famous comedienne, married to an actor's manager (a bit nicer one than the guy in "the follower" though maybe not by much). One of the actresses he manages has just called them on a snowy Manhattan night begging for help. She's locked in her apartment bedroom on the 16th floor of a high-rise and can't get out. She needs to leave to catch a plane to an awards ceremony. And she's VERY claustrophobic. Now, she's winning an award for a production that the manager cast HER in rather than his wife. And Keane's character has put up with constant rumors (which her husband has faithfully denied) that the two once had an affair. This episode has all the markings of a psychological powder keg, and it didn't fail to deliver much. But it all starts when Keane's character volunteers, unsuccessfully, to go and try to free the claustrophobic actress from her apartment. The copy I had's not the best of quality, but it's worth a listen, especially if you've just finished listening to Ms. Keane's performance in "The beheading".

A fairly good episode with good performances from the women performers (were the all voiced by Teri Keane?). The sound is not great though.

Who Has Seen The Wind is a tale in two parts. The first half of Nancy Moore’s dramatic tragedy is difficult to get through, mostly due to the acting of ‘Mona,’ a claustrophobic accidentally locked into her hi-rise apartment. A major flaw in Wind is that the actress portraying Mona makes her very whiny and unlikeable. Because the listener is not endeared to Mona, we cannot sympathize with this unbalanced and disagreeable woman’s plight. Rather we just wish she would shut up and stop caterwauling. In enduring this unpleasantness however (and also by paying attention to subtle details of this scene) the listener is rewarded with a second half of the episode in which Teri Keane shines as Kitty, jealous wife of Gary (Michael Tolan) who also puts in a heavy-duty performance as Kitty’s husband who slowly comes to grips with the subtle but significantly devious behavior of his wife. Himan Brown stars as Lieutenant Hench. Though uncredited, his radio-perfect voice, deep and rough, is unmistakable. Wind gets 3 out of 5 stars. JUROR #4

Excellent episode.

I enjoyed this episode. I like episodes where there is two possible endings and you are left to decide. I gave this episode 5 stars.

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