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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Beast
('Edith Wharton story')
The sheriff and a local boy investigate the death of his father involved in a brutal hit-and-run. Their clues point to a businessman who acts as if nothing out of the ordinary took place.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 1, 1979
Repeat - January 17, 1980
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3 Responses to Episode 1017

Norman Rose at his cool, malignant narcissistic, best.

James Agate, Jr. wrote a suspenseful tale filled with character development, a thickening plot, and an ending that was satisfactory. However though, this is suppose to be based off of Edith Wharton's "The Blond Beast" from 1910 and it is distinctly different. I read Edith Wharton's short story and the only thing that her version & James Agate Jr.'s version have in common, is the notion of Egotism. Everything else, different. Different setting, different characters names, different time period as well. But still, this CBSRMT episode is an entertaining Drama-Mystery. For instance, E.G. Marshall quoting William Shakespeare's HAMLET about fate controlling destiny and asking us CBSRMT fans a serious question: "Are we masters of our fate, or slaves to our sins?" Now, that's a mystery we'll be solving on our own. The music had its standard mystifying tunes where the suspense was building up slowly. And using music from the 51st episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE again was always a nice touch. But the sound effects of the car running, the car screeching, the thunderstorm, the doorbell ringing, the rotary phone being dialed, garden hose spraying, the phone & typewriters at the police station, the seagulls, the bell buoy, the fog horn, the boathouse door, climbing of the ladder, the splashes in the water, and the gun shot at the Finale were all the right pieces you needed to feel like you were there in Cape Cod, which is where this story takes place. And if there was one word to describe our cast: Norman Rose (as Henry Trevor), Robert Dryden (as Chief Rufus Clay & Wayne), Russell Horton (as Bartholomew Gates & Simon), and Carol Teitel (as Martha Trevor), it would be: REMARKABLE; especially Norman Rose. If you thought Ralph Bell, Evie Juster, Fred Gwynne, Bryna Raeburn, and many others could play malicious villains, wait until you hear Norman Rose because he plays a villain that you'd love to hate. A villain who is so selfish, so self-centered, so naive, so spoiled, so greedy, so narcissistic, he is a beast that you can hate with a passion. Bravo to Norman Rose.

There is never a more relatable subject than narcissism! The root of all evil is that self centeredness that disregards others and devalues all except ones self. This story was very well told and the acting was outstanding!

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