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Keir Dullea (Actor)
(05-30-1936 - ) Age 81
Keir Dullea was one of the astronauts in 2001: A Space Odessy.

Date Episode Title Plot
1975-01-06 0197 Premature Burial (The) A doctor helps his friend dig up the corpse of his loved one who married a wicked man. They find her to be alive, and now...
1975-01-27 0213 Coffin for the Devil (A) A man gathers a group of specialists along with the famous E. G. Marshall and reads them a very old letter written by one of...
1975-03-18 0241 It's Murder, Mr. Lincoln A tale set in Abraham Lincoln's early years getting a case where the man is charged of murder and no one else dares to...
1982-03-19 1304 Magic Stick of Manitu (The) In order to establish ties with a musical race from another galaxy, the assistant of an interstellar diplomat becomes...
1982-03-31 1309 I Am the Killer The head of obstetrics in a 19th century hospital works to discover the cause of the high fatality rate during labor despite...

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