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George Matthews (Actor)
(10-10-1911 - 11-07-1984) Age 73
George Matthews played many tough guys on Movies and the stage. He had the lead in "The Big Switch" episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Date Episode Title Plot
1974-01-09 0004 Lost Dog A husband cannot appreciate his wife's phobia of dogs. Once he gets one home, his wife sets it against him.
1974-02-19 0042 Sea Fever A fearsome captain of the seas inflicts the ultimate punishment for people who even dare to look at his wife. But some...

3 Responses to George Matthews

George Matthews, who according to the CBS RMT guide played several "tough guy" roles in movies. The only two RMT roles he had (as a physically abusive husband in "Lost dog" and as a crazed, homicidal sea captain in "Sea fever")

Great actor My favorite

An excellent actor in both roles. You love to hate him!

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